Connaisseur Ticaso – Solidifying his Goat Status

By Seb Salois

Picture this: a dimly lit, intimate venue, packed with a vibrant mix of streetwear connoisseurs. OGs, old-school hip-hop heads, and young cats all gathered in anticipation. The stage was positioned so close to the crowd that you could practically reach out and shake hands with a living legend while he commanded the mic.

Last Saturday at Entité, the scene was set for an unforgettable experience as Connaisseur took the stage alongside the dynamic talents of Shash’U and Tyjeï Diezle.

After a few years away from the spotlight, the iconic figure of Montreal-North made a triumphant return, storming the MTL/QC rap scene with undeniable force.

Connaisseur’s legacy had already been firmly established before his hiatus, but now, with a brand new album and under the guidance of fresh management, he has undeniably ascended to Goat status in the MTL rap culture and beyond.

Of course, the debate may rage on as to who else deserves a place in that esteemed category, but in our book, Connaisseur stands tall as the definitive Goat!

Now, for those who may be uninitiated, let’s dive into the story of Connaisseur. Born in the late 1970s, Steve Casimir, known by his stage name Connoisseur Ticaso, hails from the vibrant streets of Montreal-North. However, his influence extends beyond this neighborhood as he became a cherished ambassador of the dynamic Saint-Léonard sector during his formative years.

In a world where artists often flaunt artificial lifestyles and engage in empty posturing, Connaisseur stands apart, embodying true street cred. His music serves as a window into the raw realities of life, where tracks like “Pour nous c’est normal” and “Gangsta” are not just songs, but gripping documentaries.

But that’s not all. Connaisseur’s lyrical prowess goes even deeper, with his words resonating with profound emotion and unparalleled storytelling skills. His ability to craft narratives that touch the soul is a testament to his artistry. In the realm north of the border, he undeniably reigns as the Goat.

In an exciting twist, Connaisseur, who has remained independent throughout his career, has now joined forces with Joy Ride Records. The music industry has undergone significant transformations, and this new partnership is a testament to their mutual growth and evolution. We extend our gratitude to Joy Ride for paving the way for this exciting new era.

This collaboration brings great anticipation, as we eagerly await the release of new music from Connaisseur. But fear not, as his latest album, “Normal de l’Est,” already offers a taste of his artistic brilliance.

Be sure to check out the official music videos from the album:

“Dos large” (Official Music Video)

“La rue m’appelle encore” (Official Music Video)

And don’t forget to stream the full album here, immersing yourself in the sonic journey that Connaisseur has crafted.

We must give a heartfelt shoutout to Magenda for making this extraordinary show possible. Thanks to the efforts of Joe Veronneau and Danick Bastien, we were not only able to witness the unforgettable performance but also had the opportunity to meet and greet with the man himself, Connaisseur.

As real as it gets, Connaisseur embodies authenticity in every aspect. We extend our deepest appreciation for an incredible night filled with unforgettable moments. Once again, thank you for an exceptional experience that will forever be etched in our memories.

Shoutout to Magenda for making it happen

This show was made possible by Joe Veronneau and Danick Bastien from Magenda. This also allowed us to meet and greet with Connaisseur after the show.

The man is as real as it gets! Thanks again for a great night!