Neighborhood Hero pt. 11

By Seb Salois

We’ve lost count of how many times we’ve done this, so let’s call it pt.11. Once again, with Don Beli leading the way, we returned to the quartier with our trusted crew. Alongside myself, Alen Suton, Kenny B, Don Beli, Amélie D, Sam B, and many others, we embarked on another unforgettable day.

A few years back, we organized a BBQ and offered haircuts to the community. This time around, we decided to take things up a notch with inflatable games and hoops to amp up the fun.

Here’s a summary of the day’s adventures:

Under the warm sun, laughter echoed through the air. The irresistible aroma of sizzling BBQ filled our senses. Candy treats added a touch of sweetness to the day. Hoops were dunked, showcasing our skills and love for the game. Mr. Freeze provided a refreshing burst of coolness. As the sun set, colorful fireworks painted the sky. But above all, love was abundantly shared throughout the entire day.

We don’t actively promote these events, but if you’re eager to get involved and make a positive contribution, reach out to us on Instagram. We believe in the power of community, and we welcome those who share our passion and desire to uplift others.

Together, let’s continue spreading love, joy, and positivity. Stay tuned for future events, because we’re not slowing down anytime soon.