The 1st drop

By Seb Salois

Here it is!

After having the idea and the concept in the back of my mind for so long, it finally happened. 

The We run the town first official drop is here.

The whole concept of the brand was born from the mindset i had (still have) of manoeuvring my way up to build Brigade Web.

It’s the quintessential started from the bottom story. A business built from nothing to a now well established brand. (There is still hella work to do, but we’re here.)

We run the town is about starting where you are and taking your piece of the pie. It’s about first believing that there’s more than enough for you to strive wherever you are. (Trust me there is.) Then rolling up your sleeve, creating value for others and collaborating with the right people to lift each other up. Always giving more than you take and striving everyday to be great!

For this first drop, it was only right to do it in typical Brigade Web fashion and collaborate with the best. So I linked up with my guy Ben P from Quartier Général, and we made it happen.

The first of many more to come. Hope you enjoy and relate.