The origin story

By Seb Salois

It all traces back to the humble beginnings of Brigade Web, the web marketing shop I founded around three and a half years ago. This is the classic startup story—no big capital, no fancy offices. Just countless hours spent in coffee shops and basements. We relied solely on our huslte.

Sleep deprivation? Check. Blood, sweat, and tears? You bet.

As our shop’s clientele grew in numbers and reputation, the vision became clearer than ever before.

There was a slice of success in our town, and we yearned for more than mere crumbs. Though other firms had already established their positions, as they rightfully should, history has taught us that success can often breed complacency. They never anticipated our rise, and when they eventually noticed, they dismissed us as inconsequential.

I can’t recall the exact moment when the phrase “We run the town” first circulated, but it swiftly became an everyday part of our clients’ lexicon.

Whenever something remarkable occurred in town, you could bet that we were involved. It became a common refrain: “Damn, Brigade is everywhere!”

“You already know, we run the town!”

And thus, the phrase was born and transformed into our mission statement. It ceased to be solely about business growth—it became a commitment to uplift and collaborate with clients and partners who shared our vision and energy.

As we embraced the phrase more fervently, I learned to articulate its true meaning. The “We” in “We run the town” isn’t limited to just Brigade Web—it encompasses everyone we partner with. It’s not just about “we”—it’s about “us.” It signifies collaborations that elevate both parties to new heights.

I first witnessed this phenomenon within my close circle when Brigade, FRRAP, and DLDR started experiencing simultaneous growth. We collaborated on each other’s businesses, and when one of us achieved progress, it uplifted the others. It was a beautiful symbiosis that continues to this day.

So, at its core, “We run the town” embodies a mindset intertwined with tangible actions. Even now, as Brigade Web continues to thrive, we embody this ethos. It fuels our hunger for more—it’s about seizing what rightfully belongs to us. It’s about bringing something valuable to the table, forging mutually beneficial partnerships, and embodying an entrepreneurial spirit. It’s about leveraging skills that directly contribute to a business’s success, taking actions that enhance our community. It’s rooted in unwavering hard work, propelled by relentless drive, and fostered from the perspective of the underdog (for complacency is never an option). It’s about personal growth while simultaneously uplifting others. It’s about running the town.

Take hold of what’s rightfully yours. Run your town. And in doing so, make it an even better place for all.